Behourd tournament (medieval combat) in Les Andelys

Behourd tournament (medieval combat) in Les Andelys

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A first in Normandy! This Saturday, October 13 at Andelys a behourd tournament will take place at the foot of Richard the Lionheart castle on the banks of the Seine. Nearly 100 fighters in 14th century armor will compete in teams of five for first place in the national ranking for this penultimate tournament of the season.

Saturday October 13 at Les Andelys, from 11 am to 6 pm, more than 90 competitors in armor will compete in team fights, 5 against 5. The teams will follow each other all day to gain a place in the final and gain points in the standings national. This sport called "behourd" is a reminiscence of medieval tournaments where gunmen, as in war, tried to "subdue" as many adversaries as possible under their blows to take them prisoner and exchange them for ransom or capture their mounts and equipment.

Today, behourd is a sporting activity that has returned to France since 2011. A federation of associations organizes the practice in France, the national championship and selects the French competitors who take part in the world championships. A match takes place in two rounds minimum. To win a team must take down all opposing fighters.

Tournoi des Andelys, Saturday 13 October in Andelys (Normandy).

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