2000 years of history, the trial of Louis XVI

2000 years of history, the trial of Louis XVI

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On April 15, 2010, France Inter’s "2000 Years of History" program will be devoted to Louis XVI trial, the opportunity to rediscover this event which put a symbolic end to the concept of absolute monarchy of divine right in France. The trial of Louis XVI, King of France then Louis Capet, began on December 10, 1792. Among the charges brought against him the most serious certainly remained treason and attacks on the sovereignty of the people. Faced with a fierce accusation, Louis XVI showed certain dignity and could count on the eloquent defense of magistrates such as Raymond de Sèze ....

This was not, however, sufficient to avoid the death penalty, despite a close vote at the Convention on January 15, 1793.

In this program, Patrice Gelinet will receive Marie-Hélène Baylac, author of the book "Le sang des bourbons".

2000 years of history, the trial of Louix XVI, Thursday April 14 at 1:30 pm on France Inter.

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